Remote Learning

Remote Teaching and Learning

The plan for remote teaching at Aldridge School following on from the announcement made by the Prime Minister that secondary schools were to move to remote education for the foreseeable future. As ever it is our job to provide a high quality education that can be accessed fairly by our students, which engages and encourages them with their learning, but does not overwhelm them at a time when they may be dealing with so many other worries and concerns. I hope we have managed to provide a balance here, but please understand that this is an ongoing process and there will likely be changes to our practice as the lockdown continues, which will further improve the education we provide for our students.

We are continuing to use the Google Classroom platform to set the work for our students, which is the same as in the summer, however this time around there are some fundamental differences:

  • teachers are online at the time of their lessons to provide feedback for any students who have questions to help them progress or who are uncertain about the work being asked of them.
  • lesson formats include: opportunities for students to revise, recap and review previous work; provide explanation and instruction on tasks which look at new knowledge or skills; clear modelling of expected work and links to videos and resources to enhance understanding.
  • feedback will be given by: digitally facilitated marked quizzes, whole class feedback, tools to self-assess work or teacher feedback, so that students can see how they are progressing.
  • live lessons are being used to deliver some lessons.
  • to help us keep you informed of your child’s engagement with the work, we have set up a Form Group class on your child’s Google Classroom account. The Form Tutors are setting a weekly assignment here for your child to complete a brief summary of the work they have completed in each lesson they have attended. During the week their Form Tutor will check this to see how much they have engaged with the online lessons. If there appears to be a lack of engagement you will be contacted.

We are also ensuring that students are following their school timetable, so they are accessing a breadth of subjects each day and across the week. The curriculum they are following, for the majority of subjects, is what would have been taught if they were in school, so it is new content and by engaging with the work, students will be minimising the disruption to their education that lockdown brings. I would like to stress at this point that teachers are working incredibly hard to adapt their resources and skills to the demands of remote teaching. Many colleagues, like you, have families of their own and are juggling with supporting their own children, caring for sick relatives, battling with their own health issues alongside their professional workload. This means that our provision is not set in stone for each subject and you may see some variability in how the work is provided for your child. Please be reassured that despite how the work is delivered, our subject leaders are checking the quality of what is produced to ensure the work remains meaningful and ambitious.

I would like to end by repeating the point that the well-being of our students is at the heart of everything we do and whilst it is important they continue with their education and do not fall too far behind, their health and happiness are the priority. The school remains open and you can contact the House Offices by email if you have any concerns about your child. We have plans to build up the resources on the “Remote Learning” tab on our website to provide reading, assemblies and activities for the students to build their resilience and look after their mental well-being.

Please click on the FAQ link below. This may help to answer any questions you might have about the remote teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Using Google Classrooms

In order for your Son/Daughter to access work, they must log into Google Classroom using the class code with the appropriate class drive folder.

If you have any issues with logging in to Google Classroom, please contact our IT support team at

For further information on using Google Classroom, please see these videos below:

‘How to use Google Classrooms’ (presentation)
‘How to use Google Classrooms’ (video)

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