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  • For further information about careers please email for the attention of Miss V. Hughes.
  • For external providers please email for the attention of Miss V. Hughes.

Our vision: ‘To ensure all of our students prosper in careers of their choice and maintain financial awareness throughout each stage of their life’.

At Aldridge School we strive to provide all students with the knowledge and skills they need to help them succeed in life regardless of the career path they choose. We provide all students with impartial careers guidance from an independent adviser alongside careers events and guided learning during PSHCE sessions. Throughout their time at Aldridge School students gain a variety of work related learning activities such as work experience, enterprise days, trips and collapsed timetable days to allow them to acquire and develop an understanding of the workplace and employability skills that will help them progress, both job specific and transferrable. We hope through this multifaceted approach, we will not only raise the students aspirations and achievement but also help them to focus on their own career plan.


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