UCAS applications 2022-2023

Below is the outline of the schedule for the next round of UCAS applications for 2022-2023.

The production of a personal statements for out students that reflects their academic interests and their personal interests is a time consuming activity, and we aim to support our students as much as we can through this process. Our aim is to complete the UCAS process by early December in Year 13 in order to give the students one less thing to worry about on the approach to their Year 13 mock examinations. Therefore it is important that all students adhere to the dealines given and seek advice well in advance of the dealines should they require it.

6.4.2022 (via teams)Introduce UCAS/ Research next steps26.5.2022
16.5.2022Personal statement introduction
20.6.2022Register for UCAS – All details to be completed13.7.2022
16.5.2022First draft of personal statement10.6.2022
September 2022 –  Year 13Oxbridge/Medicine/VET med deadline11.11.2022
Personal statement deadline4.11.2022
UCAS completed and submitted – student11.11.2022
UCAS applications submitted – Sixth Form Staff2.12.2022