Trust Policies

HR Policies

TMT – Attendance Management Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Form – RTWD and Self Cert

Staff Absence Reporting Procedures

TMT – Discipline Policy

TMT – 2 Discipline Policy – September 2019

TMT – Staff Expenses Policy

Staff Expenses Policy – March 2020

TMT – Family Leave Policy

TMT – 4 Family Leave policy – September 2019

TMT – Flexible Working Request Policy

Form A – Flexible Working Aplication

Form B – Flexible Working Outcome

Form C – Flexible Working Application Rejection

Form D – Flexible Working Appeal

Form E – Flexible Working Appeal Reply

Form F – Flexible Working Extension of Time Limit

TMT – 5 Flexible Working Request Policy – September 2019

TMT – Grievance Policy

TMT – 3 Grievance Policy – September 2019

Form – Employee Grievance

TMT – Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy

TMT – 6 Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy guidelines – September 2019

TMT – Pay Policy

TMT – 7 Pay Policy December 2019

TMT – Performance Management and Capability Policy

TMT – 8 Performance Management and Capability Policy – January 2020

TMT – Probationary Period Policy

TMT – 9 Probationary Period Policy – September 2019

TMT – Redundancy and Reorganisation Policy

TMT – 11 Redundancy and Reorganisation Policy

TMT – Time Off Polcy

TMT – 10 Time Off Policy – September 2019

TMT – Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy – March 2019


Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy


Serial or Unreasonable Complaints Policy


Anti Bribery Policy

Charging & Remissions

Fraud Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Lettings Policy

Mercian Financial Handbook

Procurement Policy

Staff Expenses Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


Mercian MAT Curriculum Intent Statement

Human Resources

Code of Conduct

Discipline Policy

Grievance Policy

Pay Policy

Performance Management and Capability Policy

Health & Safety

Asbestos Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Minibus Policy

Computers & ICT

E-Safety Policy including Acceptable Use Agreement

Social Networking Policy

Data Protection and GDPR

Biometric Data Policy

CCTV Policy

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Privacy Notice General

Retention and Distribution Policy