Below is our prospectus 2023-2025, please feel free to download it and read at your leisure.

The prospectus gives guidance on many aspects of the Sixth Form, including the grade criteria required to attend. Please be aware that there is an entry requirement to our Sixth Form and then additional criteria for specific subject areas. These criteria are considered and evaluated annually and are in place to ensure that the right students are selecting the right courses for them.

The prospectus outlines all of the subject areas we offer, including those subjects that are offered as part of the MAT block. These subjects are found in pink. Subjects offered in the MAT block are taught maybe taught at a host school within the MAT community.

Option blocks

Please also find the option blocks via the link above.

Students are required to select 3 subjects from Blocks A to D, one subject per block as these will be timetabled during the same periods of the school day.

Subjects taught in option Block A, B and C are provisional.  Combinations may be changed following applications.

Option D

Those subjects indicated in the MAT heading column will NOT be moved. These subjects are taught across the Mercian Trust schools and may not necessarily be taught at Aldridge School.

Should a subject be taught at one of our trust schools, students will be expected to make their own way to the host school, and we will provide transport back to Aldridge at the end of the lesson, or vice versa depending on the lesson timings.

Option E

Further Maths and Core Maths are additional subjects, and do not form one of the three mandatory subjects.

If you wish to do a combination of subjects where there is a clash at present; please indicate such on the courses section of the application form.