During form time all students follow a programme of PHSCE. A link to the full Curriculum Intent overview can be found below.

Every Friday Year 12 and Year 13 assemblies are held and form groups are asked to look at the PSHCE SOL and select a topic that they are happy to present to their peers. Below are a couple of examples of assemblies written by form groups and their tutors.

Here are just some of the topics taught and discussed in Year 12 & Year 13

Year 12

  • Growth Mindset
  • Safe and Healthy relationships
  • Independent living
  • Influences of media on lifestyles
  • Mental well being
  • Gender and sexuality.
  • Domestic violence.
  • First aid.

Year 13

  • Careers and employability
  • Critical thinking
  • Drugs
  • Festivals and clubbing – the risks
  • Honour based violence.