The purpose of this page is to give detailed information about our Music Scholarship Programme and to address the “frequently asked questions” which are raised by parents and carers of prospective candidates for the programme.


The Scholarship programme was established here some thirty years ago and it offers musical opportunities seldom found in state schools. There are now many musicians working in a whole variety of ways in Music and the Arts who were music scholars here. While some ex-students work in performing, teaching and administration, with direct links to the music foundations that were laid here, others acknowledge the skills of team-working and leadership developed through music which have helped them in their future careers.

What is on offer

Music Scholars are offered teaching on two instruments (or voice) and the provision of that second instrument is free. They receive three music lessons weekly one of which is delivered at Period 0 beginning at 7.40 am. The Music Department provides free a wide range of high quality instruments which are available on loan as needed by our students. The Instrumental visiting team comprises of teachers of high calibre and commitment. Among that team are some notable music scholars from earlier times who understand exactly what it is to be a music scholar and have up-to-date experience of music at higher education- in University and Music Conservatoire.

The Department runs a wide range of extra-curricular activities, which are:-

  • Junior Wind Band
  • Senior Wind Band
  • Senior Orchestra
  • String Orchestra
  • Senior Choir
  • Junior Choir
  • Junior Jazz Band
  • Senior Jazz Band

Scholars form an important part of these ensembles and are directed to those which are appropriate for them at each stage of their school career.

We also include two residential music courses each year, which are very popular with our students, and a foreign tour takes places every two years and has been doing so for well over 30 years! The School enjoys a fine reputation of providing quality performance in those places abroad we so enjoy visiting!

How to apply and what to expect

There are auditions for music scholars each November and we look at current achievements and at potential. Candidates play two pieces, undertake a little sight-reading, answer some simple aural tests and complete a short Theory paper which is around an ABRSM grade 1 standard. When you request an application form we enclose a theory paper as an example to help you. The idea of an audition can be quite overwhelming to a youngster, we know and understand that, so they will find friendly smiling faces to welcome them to Aldridge School. You will need to complete a separate Application Form, which may be downloaded from the website. Please follow instructions carefully and make sure that any additional information or enclosures are included. You can call the School reception to request a hard copy of the necessary paper work. Please remember that this must be done in addition to completing the usual documents when applying to Aldridge School.


If you are in doubt as to whether or not you should apply you can call the Music Office on 01922 740113 or e mail the Director of Music who will be pleased to offer you any advice or guidance:

We look forward to meeting you and working with you in the music path that your youngster may wish to choose.

Click here for the Music Scholarship application form