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young money

Aldridge School are currently working alongside Young Money to become a Financial Centre of Excellence and are committed to providing quality financial education to all students ensuring they understand a variety of monetary aspects that could impact them whilst at school and beyond.

Currently we work alongside Barclay’s Lifeskills, In-Comm and Santander to enhance our financial awareness programme but we are always looking for more partners to help support our young people. If you think you can help please do not hesitate to contact please include a brief description of what your business could offer.

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my week

My Money week is held every year at the end of the summer term by the Aldridge School Maths department for KS3 and 4. Each year group have a different focus and the financial awareness is built upon year on year providing them with vital skills such as how to calculate change, how to read a payslip, what tax is, how to budget and how they could be a victim of a scam amongst other things. It is updated each year to ensure all figures are correct at the time students take part.

Programme of study:

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student financePlease click the image to view Student finance England

Consent Letter for Money Week competition

MMW2019 Competition Terms & Conditions