School Policies

Core Policies

Access to Fair Assessment Policy ASDAN v1-0

Accessibility Plan v1-0

Admission Arrangements 2016-17 v1-0

Admission Arrangements 2017-18 v1-0

Aldridge School Internal appeals procedure inc EARs and automated assessment v1-0

Admissions 2017 Supplementary form v1-0

Appeals Policy ASDAN v1.0

Attendance Policy v1.1

Attendence and Punctuality Leaflet v1-0

Behaviour policy v1-0

Charging Policy v1-0

Child Protection Policy September 2017 v1-2

Collective Worship Policy v1-0

Complaint Procedure v1-0

E-Safety Policy inc Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy v1-0

Data Protection Policy v1-0

Educational Visits Policy v1-0

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy v1-1

Freedom of Information v1-0

Fundamental British Values v1-0

GCSE controlled assessment policy v1-0

Governors Expenses Policy v1-0

Health and Safety Policy v1-0

Home School Agreement 2016 v1-0

Management of Allegations Policy v1-0

Medical Conditions Policy v1-0

Memorandum of Association v1-0

PREVENT Aldridge School Risk Assessment v1-0

Preventing extremism and radicalisation policy v2.0

Quality Assurance Policy v1-0

Rewards And Consequences v1-0

Safer Recruitment Policy v1-0

SEN information report v1-0

SEN Local offer v1-0

SEN Policy v1-0

Sex and Relationship Education Policy v1-0

Sexting Policy v1-0

Staff Conduct – Inc. Dress and Grievance Policy v1-0

Student Restraint Policy v1-0

Teacher Appraisal Policy v2-0

Teachers Pay Policy v1-0

Whistleblowing Policy v1-0

Other Policies

Access Arrangements Policy v2-0


Anti Bullying Procedure Appendix

Anti-Bullying Policy v1-0

Best Value Statement

Bribery Prevention Policy v1-0

Careers Education Information and Guidance Policy v1-0

Code of Conduct Students v1-0

Community Cohesion Policy v1-0

Curriculum Policy Statement For Post-16 Education

Curriculum Policy v1-0

Drug Related Incident Policy v1-0

Examinations Appeals Procedure including EAR

Exclusion Policy v1-0

Home Visit Policy v1-0

Homework Policy v1-1

Inclusion Policy v1-0

Library Book Borrowing Policy v1-0

Malpractice Policy v1-0









2018 – 2019 Admission Arrangements

Admission arrangements 2018-19

2017 – 18 Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements 2017-18

Supplementary Form

Previous Admissions Arrangements