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Access to Fair Assessment Policy ASDAN v1-0

Accessibility Plan v1-0

Admission Arrangements 2016-17 v1-0

Admission Arrangements 2017-18 v1-0

Aldridge School – An Academy proposed admission arrangements, which were considered by the Governing Body at their meeting on 7 November 2017. The Governing Body will be meeting on 27 February 2018, to determine their arrangements and therefore if you wish to comment or raise any objections to the criteria please write to The Clerk to the Governing Body, at the school address by 31 January 2018 to have your comments forwarded to the Governing Body.

Please note our consultation document includes a proposed raise in our Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) from 259 to 270.

Admission arrangements 2019-20 – Consultation Document

Aldridge School Internal appeals procedure inc EARs and automated assessment v1-0

Admissions 2017 Supplementary form v1-0

Appeals Policy ASDAN v1.0

Attendance Policy v1.1

Attendence and Punctuality Leaflet v1-0

Behaviour, Rewards & Consequences Policy 2017 v1.0

Charging Policy v1-0

Child Protection Policy September 2017 v1-2

Collective Worship Policy v1-0

Complaint Procedure v1-0

Data Protection Policy v1-0

E-Safety Policy inc Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy v1-0

Educational Visits Policy v1-1

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy v1-1

Freedom of Information v1-1

Fundamental British Values v1-0

GCSE controlled assessment policy v1-0

Governors Expenses Policy v1-0

Health and Safety Policy v1-0

Home School Agreement 2016 v1-0

Management of Allegations Policy v1-0

Medical Conditions Policy v1-0

Memorandum of Association v1-0

Preventing extremism and radicalisation policy v2.0

Quality Assurance Policy v1-0

Rewards And Consequences v1-0

Safer Recruitment Policy v1-0

SEN Information Report

SEN Local offer v1-0

SEN Policy v1-0

Sex and Relationship Education Policy v1-0

Sexting Policy v1-0

Staff Conduct – Inc. Dress and Grievance Policy v1-0

Student Restraint Policy v1-0

Whistleblowing Policy v1-0

2018 – 2019 Admission Arrangements


Admission arrangements 2018-19

2017 – 18 Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements 2017-18

Supplementary Form

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