School Policies

Core Policies

Admission Arrangements 2020-21 

Admission Arrangements 2021-22

Admission Arrangements 2022 – 23

Aldridge School Internal appeals procedure inc EARs and automated assessment v1-0

Anti-Bullying Policy v7.0 July 2021

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy v1.2 September 2019

Attendance & Punctuality Policy v2.0 November 2020

Behaviour, Rewards & Consequences Policy 

Careers Education Information and Guidance Policy v4.0 February 2021

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy v1.4 September 2020

Covid-19 Aldridge School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Covid-19 – Covid-19 Testing (LFT – Lateral Flow Test) Risk Assessment 

Compliments,Comments and Complaints Policy

October 2020

Consultation on Admissions Policy 2021-22 v1.0 September 2019

Curriculum Policy v1.1 January 2021

Accessibility Policy v1.0 

E-Safety Policy inc Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy v1-0

Education for Students with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy v1.1 December 2020

Exam Policy V1.0 January 2021

Exam Access Arrangements Policy 2018-9

Freedom of Information v1-1

Fundamental British Values v1-0

Home School Agreement 1

Home School Agreement 2 RRRR

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education Policy (Inc. Relationship & Sex & Health Education).

Pupil Premium Policy v2.0 September 2019

Safer Recruitment Policy v1-0

Special Educational Needs Policy v1.3 September 2019

SEND Information Report

Substance Abuse Policy

Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy

Visitors Policy v1.0 May 2020

Mercian Trust Policies

ALD Code of Conduct Policy

ALD Discipline Policy

ALD Educational Visits Policy 

ALD Grievance Policy

ALD Performance Management and Capability Policy


ALD Coronavirus (Covid-19): Risk Assessment Action Plan 

ALD Pupil Privacy Notice

ALD Parent Privacy Notice

ALD Workforce Privacy Notice

ALD Recruitment Privacy Notice

Anti Bribery Policy

CCTV Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Data Breach Policy

Data Protection Policy Schools

Equality Information and Objectives Policy

Fraud policy


Health and Safety Policy v2-0

Retention and Destruction Policy

Schools Subject Access Request Policy

Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Whistleblowing Policy