Careers, Advice, Information and Guidance.

Here at Aldridge School Sixth Form we have one hour per week dedicated to delivering CAIG. During Covid restrictions we have alternated the weeks in which we deliver information that is appropriate to the needs of our students at that time.

This can take the shape of many things, from reflection of where we are at, to preparing for the next stage in our educational journey. We also consider PSHCE issues too and spend some of this time further delivering information to support our students overall safety and well-being.

These are just a few of the agencies that we have invited in to talk to our students. During the last few years many of our guest speakers have delivered their presentations virtually, we are hopeful that upon the removal of Covid restrictions, we can invite these agencies in in person along with many more.

The link below outlines our programme so far this year. It is flexible depending on the needs of our students.