National Careers Week

National Careers Week Poster

National Careers Week 7th-12th March 2022

This week is National Careers Week. In school we will be doing activities across all subjects to show you the careers they relate to. It will give you an opportunity to look at a wide variety of careers but also help you understand what they entail and if you would be interested in pursuing that career or something similar.

If you already think you know what you would like to do and want more information about that career, take a look on Planit to find the job for you

If you would like to find out careers that might suit you based on your personality and interests, why not complete the questionnaire on Start

If you would like a little fun, look at the Buzz Quiz which will tell you which animal your personality matches and the careers you might be good at based on that.

There is a huge array of resources and activities available on the National Careers Week website including a virtual careers fair

Amazing Apprenticeships have compiled a variety of videos from past and current apprentices to give you an insight into apprenticeships and the variety of careers they can open up to you