Aldridge schools Artsmark Journey 2021

Phase 1 – Celebration event exhibition of students artwork at Darlaston Townhall on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

Mrs Jones and 24 students were invited to view the works of 14 other schools participating in the “Walsall arts for all” programme 2021 including our own schools contribution of artwork to the event. The event celebrated the collaboration of 14 schools vision of what Walsall means to them, working with professional artists and having their artworks displayed within a public venue at Darlaston Townhall, despite the challenges of Covid the project which should have taken place in 2019 has finally succeeded in 2021. All students have received an individual certificate from Walsall Arts for All to certify their participation in the programme to go inside their records of achievement. The exhibition has been very positive for our students working in partnership with other schools and has covered many of the Arts Council Quality Principles required in Aldridge Schools journey to gaining future Artsmark Status.