Artsmark Project 2021

Mrs Jones and 24 students (a mixture of years 7/8/9) took part in phase 1 session 1 of the Artsmark project 2021 working with professional artist David Brown in art room 87 on Tuesday 19th October all day, they produced some wonderful graffiti tag canvas’s and discussed plans for the next session where we will develop huge 8ft x 4ft boards with decorative text and images using spray paints related to “what Walsall means to them, session 2 takes place November 9th. We have been working alongside Shelfield Ormiston Academy who are also producing the similar artworks, eventually a couple of the boards produced by our students and Shelfields will be exhibited in a celebration event before Christmas. On finalisation of this phase 1 project there will be a focus group session on the 24th November celebration event on December 3rd where most of the boards from both schools will be exhibited at Darleston Town Hall along with individually designed canvas’s to support the project.

Phase 1 session 2 took place on Tuesday 9th November 2021 again at Aldridge school, all 24 students had the opportunity to contribute to the 3 large 4ft x 8ft wooden boards expertly guided by professional Graffiti artist David Brown, students learnt how to transfer their ideas of what Walsall means to them through the media of spray paint. Students learnt skills and techniques to create these vibrant artistic outcomes which will eventually be celebrated along with 14 other schools work at Darleston Townhall later in the year. All students have thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and look forward to future projects.