Football focus

Twenty of our KS3 students are currently taking part in the ‘Fantasy football – auf Deutsch!’ Competition. This competition is run by the Goethe Institut London, which promotes the learning of German as a foreign language in Britain The students read information about the football teams taking part in the Euro 2020 in German, and based on this information chose a team made up of players of different nationalities. The students then receive or lose points depending on how their chosen players perform in the real-life Euro 2020 competition. We are pleased to announce that at the half-way mark of the competition Aldridge School is in 7th place nationally! A big thank you to all Key Stage 3 students who participated! A special thanks and congratulations go to the student pictured who is currently in first place for Aldridge School. We will let you know how we get on during the rest of the tournament

The MFL team