Anti-Bullying Competition

Now that we are back together in school as a community, we would like to announce the winners of this year’s Anti-Bullying Competition, which took place shortly before lockdown.

This year’s winner is Anabella Taddei-Davies in Year 10, who wrote and sang a beautiful song to highlight the pain caused by bullying. You can listen to the winning song by clicking the link in this article.

In 2nd place is Francesca White in Year 7 with her brilliant 3D artistic creation. In joint 3rd place are Ylena Crook and Molly Sutton in Year 8, who wrote a fantastic illustrated story, and Emily Hitchman in Year 8 for a wonderful poster.

We are so lucky to have such talented students at our school and it is a shame that we couldn’t have more winners, as the quality of entries was so high. However, every student who entered was awarded with 20 house points and we are very proud of the efforts that everyone went to in order to highlight the importance of Anti-Bullying Week.