Year 7 Poem Reflecting On Life

Jess in Year 7 Daniels has written this lovely poem reflecting on life over the past year. I am sure that you will agree that Jess puts everything we are feeling at this time into words in a wonderful way and we are proud to have such talented students at our school. Well done Jess and keep that creative spirit going!

Old to new:

The wish wash of the water, on the vast and sandy shore. children playing with buckets in their hands.

But then, new years comes along..

We shut our lives down to protect them.

Things we cherished only slightly, we cherish more….

As I walk along the sandy shore, where life was lived before……

The children are playing in my mind, the carnival stands are open wide,

But when I open my eyes I see the truth of what life has become.

The shut down stands and the empty beach with no footprints in the sand.

I miss them all, I miss the days when families were together.

What is the new life we are living?

Home-schooling being separated from lasting friendships on the end,

When will we get back to our families =,

When will we be normal again….

With the help from people who support the NHS.

We will conquer this. It is something we will never forget.

We all miss one another, but we are doing it together.

We will never be apart. In our hearts for ever and ever.

We are separated for a reason. We are helping the weak and vulnerable,

By staying away. Hiding from the outside and staying out their way.

So never forget the time we were strong. The time we won a marathon.

We are great and bold!

Jess Y7