COVID-19 – Links to Student work inside

For any IT questions please email


UPDATE 20th April – All work is now accessed via Google Classroom, for Year 7, 8 and 9 the work is located in the Year 7 2019/2020, Year 8 2019/2020 and Year 9 2019/2020 Classrooms. For Years 10 and 12 work is in the subject classrooms – Work set before the holiday is in the links below.

This page contains information relating to the closure of the school following the governments directive that all schools should close indefinitely from Friday 20th March 2020.

Below you’ll find;

  • details on how to ask for your password to be reset
  • links to work to be completed during the closure,
  • links to past exam papers
  • details of how to access Google Classroom
  • all of our COVID-19 letters.

We intend to update the work uploaded so please check back frequently.  Unless otherwise stated work for years 7 to 9 is uploaded to this age.  Years 10 and 12 will access work via Google Classroom.

Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers

Student e-mail and Google Classroom Password reset

Your username for school email and Google Classroom is in the following format;


To log onto Google Classroom and school email log into RealSmart here

If you have forgotten your password or need assistance logging on to the system please email You can request a password reset from a personal email account, we require your full name, form, date of birth and postcode to verify your identity. The helpdesk is monitored between 8am and 3pm on week days.

Please check your email frequently, if you require assistance you may also email your teachers from your school email address to their school email address.

Work for Students

From 20th April please access work via Google Classroom

The links below are for the work set before the Easter break.

You will need to be logged in to your school account, please see details above if a password reset is required.

Please download files to edit or work on them, requests for permission to edit will not be granted,

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 9 English will be accessed via Google Classroom after the easter break and KS3 MFL will move to Google Classroom in the coming weeks.

Years 10 and 12 please use Google Classroom

Revision Guide

Click here to access a revision guide containing useful websites and tips from staff 

Past Paper Links

Links to past exam papers can be found here

Google Classroom Guide

This link will take you to a useful guide on Google Classroom

COVID-19 Letters

COVID-19 Letter 1

COVID-19 Letter 2

COVID-19 Letter 3 – School Closure

COVID-19 Letter 4 – Key Worker Support

COVID-19 Letter 5 – Key Worker Support – Plans for students attending school

COVID-19 Letter 6 – Issuing GCSE and A Level Grades

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