Knife Crime

Our picture shows Councillor Murray and Mrs Murray with Mr and Mrs Brindley and the winners of the poster competition to support “The James Brindley Foundation”.  Councillor Murray and Mrs Murray ran 5,000 metres in 5 parks over the Christmas holiday to raise money for the charity.

The issue of youth knife crime is currently experiencing intensive national media coverage.  We wanted to reassure parents/careers that at Aldridge School we have already, this academic year, had specialist presentations by West Midlands Police to all year groups as well as reinforcement assemblies and lessons delivered by our own staff.  We have booked external speakers on the issue ready for next academic year.

HM Government and West Midlands Police have recently published advice for parents/careers and we thought that that we would share these with you.  A letter from the Chief Constable and a pamphlet containing parental guidance on the issue of knife crime can be found on our website below.

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Download Home Office advice to Parents