Bryntysilio 2019

20 Year 9 pupils departed Aldridge school on Monday 11th of March for a week of adventure at Bryntysilio in Wales. Despite the weather no spirits were dampened and even the wind wasn’t going to stop them from having a great time. During the week all pupils took part in a range of adventurous activities. They hiked 10 miles through ‘Storm Gareth’ navigating their entire way, including storming an ancient fort and bouldering over a fair few miles of mountains, canoed 8k from Wales to England whilst ‘mainly’ avoiding the dreaded water, and rocked climbed around an old quarry. Alongside the main activities they also took part in problem solving games, orientated their way around the houses acres and trusted each other to guide themselves through the night-line blindfolded. They even managed to roast some marshmallows on an open camp fire! Each evening was devoted to diaries and planning assemblies to showcase the skills that had been picked up over the week away from school. Throughout the week the group showed tremendous amounts of resilience to continue with positivity and smiles in the face of gale force winds and constant ‘poor quality’ singing from certain group members. Team-work and communication was a huge part of the week activities and Miss Wright and Mr Phillips were very proud of everyone for their commitment to achieve, excellent attitudes and overcoming so many fears along the way.

B - Photo 2