Aldridge students view ‘that play’

Twenty-eight Year 11 students attended the GCSE Macbeth Lecture day which was organised by Sovereign Education in Birmingham. They sat through 4 university-style lectures, listened, made some excellent revision notes and gained greater understanding of the play.  The session provided a welcomed opportunity for revisiting some of the major themes and the dramatic structure of the play.

A number of students have said that it was very useful, even though the fast pace and formal style of delivery was challenging. However, the exam tips lecture was well-received all round, with the main message being, ‘Know your Play’.

During follow up lessons, all the 11L3 attendees shared what they had learned. They confidently discussed ‘the supernatural’, ‘suffering’, ‘fate,’ ‘pity,’ and ‘ambition’ in Macbeth! As teachers, we also gained valuable insight from the two presenters, who are also senior examiners. I now fully understand the concept of ‘Equivocation’ in the play!

The students were an absolute credit the the Aldridge school and community and I am sure that they have received a much needed boost from the event.