Oxford University Mock law trial weekend

On the 27th/28th of April I was lucky to attend the annual law mock trial at Oxford University. There were many different aspects to the day; firstly, I attended a lecture on the crime of Robbery, which gave me a taste of what my law degree would consist of and how the teaching will feel. In addition, I had a skype call with a qualified Barrister who told me about the structure of a criminal court trial and what her career has been like. I really enjoyed this because it broke down a lot of stereotypes about the job of being a lawyer.

The following day I returned to Oxford for another lecture on advocacy training, which informed us on the proper language, terminology and posture needed when in a court. During the trial itself which followed on, I was given the role of cross-examining a witness to a crime, which proved to be a hugely exciting and invigorating activity than I would have thought before I really gave it a go.

Overall, this has been an amazing experience for me; it was incredible to experience education and activities at one of the top, global institutions for higher education, and allowed me to begin networking within the profession I look forward to joining after my time at University.

I am so grateful to Aldridge School for making it possible for me to attend this prestigious event, and to Ms McOmish for making me aware of the event and helping with the application process.

Anesia Mukuna