Lecture by Dr Michael Scott

Students studying Classics and Ancient History attended a lecture by Dr Michael Scott, an associate professor of classics and ancient history at Edgbaston School for Girls.

He is best known to the public as the presenter of ancient history programmes like the BBC 4’s Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth and Rome’s Invisible City.

His lecture dealt with the realities of real life in 5th century Greece BC, a world away from the clean, muscled statues and Hollywood films like ‘300’. Students were also given the opportunity to ask him questions afterwards.

Aleisha Peace, a current Y13, who has secured an offer to study Classics at Oxford University next year, said;
“The enrichment gained by a lecture of such clarity and precision is priceless. Dr. Scott’s lecture revealed to me a new facet to the subject I love, and emphasised the titillating (and often frightening) reality of Ancient Greece once her mythos is dispelled. Such a dimension is one I hope to carry with me into my place at Oxford next year.”