Year 7 Castle Competition

Year 7 have been studying the effects of the Norman Conquest in 1066. One of the things the Normans brought with them to England was the mighty castle.

In lessons we have looked at early forms of castles, the motte and bailey, and how and why these changed over time to stone castles.

Students were encouraged to enter the house castle competition to show off what they had learnt about castles.

Some impressive and detailed models were submitted, along with well thought out written explanations of why castles changed.

Students were very inventive and creative, all have been highly commended for their efforts and have received points for entering the competition.

Judging wasn’t an easy task and Mr. Bryant definitely had a tough decision to make! Well done to everyone who took part!

1st Place – Elliot Thomas 7.53D

2nd Place – Matthew Padmore 7.09S

3rd Place – Dilip Bath 7.07S